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SmithFly In Arizona

We spent a nice couple of days in Arizona this past week. It was our first time in the area and we certainly want to head back and spend more time. It is an amazing place with so much to see and do. We took a quick side trip to the grand Canyon. Though we weren't fishing I used the Darby Creek Sling as a day pack / man purse. Super awesome pack for that. We stayed at the Point Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort. The above photo was the view from the balcony of our room. Not a bad view to wake up to. After a long day trip to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon we took in a Dodgers v....

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Happy St. Patricks Day or why I celebrate St Patrick's day even though I'm of English descent.

Happy St Patrick's Day! On this great day I celebrate — even though I'm not irish in the least. NOPE, not even a bit. People wrongly assume I'm at least part Irish because of the red beard. But, I'm English and Welsh for the most part. If you believe the Smith's name is entirely English in my case. My Grandfather, Delmer W. Smith, never knew much about the Smith family beyond two generations back from him — he knew his dad Delmer C. and William Smith his Grandfather but beyond that, not much. Both of those Smith's lived in Marysville, Ohio. However thanks to some sleuthing on I was able to find that William Smith's father was in all likelihood a gentleman...

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A designer's critique of Leonardo Dicaprio's proposed Blackadore Cay development

This summer my wife and I had the pleasure of visiting El Pescador Lodge in San Pedro Belize for a week of flats fishing. The bone fish above was caught and released near Deer Key just north of the proposed Blackadore Cay development. During our trip we spent many days motoring past an island owned by Leonardo DiCaprio. Which we thought was pretty cool. He is one of the better actors of our generation. I like a lot of his films, in fact my wife uses his new version of the Great Gatsby in her high school English class.  Our guide told us that he planned to build an eco-resort on the island and I thought, cool, I'm sure he will...

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Who is Lydia Loveless, a documentary.

She's from Ohio, she kicks some serious ass in song writing and performance, she's toured with the Supersuckers, written a song about Steve Earle, though don't be mistaken that tune is actually about a local guy that was her stalker whom they called Steve Earle, not Steve Earle the actual song writer, she's married to a friend of mine who also happens to be one of the best bass players in the history of Franklin County if not the world, and she will, someday, in my humble opinion, hopefully, be recognized for the amazing abilities that she posses in the form of capturing in exquisite detail the depth and breadth of human emotion that is life, all while putting it into verse chorus form and blasting it out...

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An open letter regarding a mistress that shall never be - a 1947 Christ Craft Twin Cockpit Rocket

To my loving wife, Regarding the Mistress who shall never be. Fear not darling, I shall not be tempted by her subtle, seductive curves, sparkling chrome bow, and glistening varnish. Nor shall I allow my heart to skip a beat when I hear the subtle glug glug of the strong inline six cylinder engine. No. I shall not purchase her. By shear force of will power and fear of bankruptcy, I know that that even though I hear her siren call in the distance, it is a call that demands more resources that I can command at this juncture. She needs a good home. She is lost in this industrial wasteland of the American midwest. True she was born not from...

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