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Redfish Sun Mask
Redfish Sun Mask

Redfish Sun Mask

$ 19.99 $ 12.99

Sun Masks. They have a catchy name that is quickly becoming universal that shall not be mentioned here.

Our sun masks are SPF/UPF 30+ 

Dip them in the water to cool yourself off.

Don't wear them to rob a gas station, people will still recognize you and then you will be in jail. Fly fisherman historically have not done well in jails.

Don't forget to take it off when you get into town. Just because all the cool guys in the videos wear them doesn't mean they aren't dorky as a fashion accessory, they kind of are. Seriously, you may think it looks cool, but you're not getting laid anytime soon wearing that thing, unless your girlfriend is a guide herself, in which case, good for you.