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Access Fly Fishing Combo
Access Fly Fishing Combo
Access Fly Fishing Combo
Access Fly Fishing Combo
Access Fly Fishing Combo
Access Fly Fishing Combo

Access Fly Fishing Combo

$ 249.00 $ 139.00

The Access fly fishing combo is a great value in a starter kit for fly fishing. We've seen a lot of combos over the years. Some of them good, some of them not so good.

Our combo goes the extra mile to get you everything you need to get started and is built on a rod and reel that will service you for years. The rod casts beautifully and is paired very well with a light weight, disc drag reel, that is cast and then machined. The reel has a large arbor to pick up line quickly and the drag is tough enough to fight the biggest fish most people will encounter in North American rivers. 

This combo includes:

• 9 Foot 5 Weight 4 Piece Rod
• Cast & CNC Cut Large Arbor Reel
• Durable Padded Rod Tube 
• 5 Weight Weight Forward Fly Line in Lichen Green Color - 2 Welded Loops
• 9 Foot Tapered Leader
• Stainless Steel Nipper / Nail Knot Tool Combo
• Neoprene Reel Cover
• Chrome Plated Zinger / Retractor
• Small Clear Fly Box with Lanyard
• 12 General Attractor Dry Flys
• 50 yards and of 20 Pound Backing

Many rods designed for beginners do not cast well. We buy a mid-level upper range rod to put in our combo to make sure that it will not hinder your learning. Cheap rods make it difficult to cast, are typically overbuilt to cover up for poor quality and as a result don't cast very well. A rod that doesn't cast well can make it frustrating for people who are still learning how to fly cast.

So while the price tag on our combo may lead you to think it's cheap, it's far from it. We ensure that each and every rod that goes out is built to our standard and will serve you well. In addition we stand behind our rods 100% from manufacturing flaw standpoint.

You can have us spool the line up and attach the leader to make it easier for you, or you can skip that step and save a few bucks. It's up to you, just be sure to select the correct option, either plain un-assembled or spooled up.

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