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5WT WF Full Sink Fly Line

5WT WF Full Sink Fly Line

$ 49.99 $ 19.99

5WT Weight Forward Full Sink Fly Line 160 Grains - Charcoal

This is the line you want to use when you need to get big gnarly unweighted flies down in front of the fish quickly. It also works great as a base to cut your own sink tip rigs for floating lines. You can cut this into a bunch of different length sections, whip a few loops on each end and ba-da-bing, instant sink tip set up on the cheap in a variety of wieghts too. Works great. 

We've found the perfect balance between performance and value in a fly line. We've worked directly with the best overseas seas fly line manufacturer to bring to life a line that casts beautifully and doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. 

We think it's silly to always have the high end line on your rod. Sometimes you just need a cheap and dirty fly line to get on the water, especially if you are fishing in water with lots of snags, fallen timber, ways to get hung up, sharp rocks, rip rap etc. Those place can be murder on expensive lines but also happen to hold lots of fish. So fear not! Load one of our cheap lines on your reel for those trips and don't worry about getting tight to that structure. Get hung up. Break it off, step on it, fish the hell out of it, but don't worry about it.

This line has loops,so just loop to loop it to your leader and away you go!