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Fly Lines

We've launched our own collection of Fly Lines!

We get them directly from the same manufacturer as most of the other fly line "manufacturers" that you are familiar with. Direct means we can sell them cheaper with less mark-up. No they aren't made in the USA. And no we don't have a crazy range of specialty tapers or even weights yet, just 5 and 8, to match the fly rods and fly reels we sell.

We don't charge an arm and a leg for them. We don't say they have magical powers to make you catch more fish, although we did catch 8 permit in one day on straight up 8WT floater, so there's that. They will work for a season or two and then will probably need replacing, like most other lines. 

Maybe you need a back up line? A spare? One to cut up to make custom tips? Or you just don't want to spend $100 on some line with so many features you can't even remember what you're paying for?

Look no further, these are perfectly normal fly lines for a perfect normal price, just like the good old days. Simple straight forward fly lines to cast your flies and not deflate your bank account.